Facebook Publishes Study on the Mental Health Impact of Social Comparison


Facebook Publishes Study on the Mental Health Impact of Social Comparison

Facebook commissioned a study of the psychological impact of social comparison, which can be triggered by what people see on social media.

Psychological Disorders: Crash Course Psychology #28

In this episode of Crash Course Psychology, Hank takes a look at how the treatment for psychological disorders has changed over the last hundred years and who is responsible for getting us on the path to getting us here.

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Asylums 00:00
David Rosenhan’s Pseudopatient Experiments 0:43
How do we classify psychological disorders? 2:29
Psychological Disorders 3:26
Deviant Thoughts & Behaviors 4:06
Distress & Dysfunction 4:53
Medical Model of Psychological Disorder 5:20
Biopsychological Approach to Psychological Disorders 6:12
The DSM-5 7:09
Review & Credits 9:25

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WHY I’M NOT ON FACEBOOK – FULL DOCUMENTARY | The sociological effects of social media

One man’s soul searching decision on whether or not he should join Facebook sets him off on an epic journey of self-discovery as he weighs the pros and cons of becoming a member of the world’s largest social network

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Blending interviews with news clips, TV shows and other archival footage, Brant Pindivic documents his search for the meaning of Facebook with a storytelling style that is both personal and endearing, throwing up surprises through out his journey.

The deeper he explores the social network’s vice like grip on those who use it the more he realizes the answers to its popularity lie within. Whether you’re a fan of Facebook or not, this is one film that is funny, fascinating and a must for anyone wondering what everyone is talking about.

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DOCTOR REACTS: Why Instagram Is Harmful To Your Teen’s Mental Health

Psychiatrist discusses Facebook’s SECRET STUDY on how Instagram affects the mental health of its young users. *** FULL SERIES PLAYLIST ➡️ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQgOA4hcgBVu6AseBFCzpaBeVzTMMkby4


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0:00 Intro
0:13 How Does Instagram Affect Mental Health?
0:53 Instagram and Suicide
1:05 What Is Social Contagion? (Facebook Study Explained)
3:06 Mental Health Crisis Explained
4:00 Instagram And Body Image
5:23 What Factors On Instagram Lead To Worsening Body Image?
6:04 Negative Social Comparison On Instagram
7:34 The Impact Of Like Counts On Instagram
8:56 The Long-Term Impact Of Instagram On Mental Health
9:52 Which Social Media Platform Is The Worst? (Instagram vs TikTok vs Snapchat)
10:51 Ranking Social Media Platforms From Best To Worst
11:50 Social Media Safety Tip #1
12:14 Social Media Safety Tip #2
12:46 Social Media Safety Tip #3

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Facebook Whistleblower On Social Media’s Impact On Adolescent Mental Health

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen discusses how the platform impacts youth mental health as well as the recent drop in the company’s stock price.

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Facebook Whistleblower On Social Media’s Impact On Adolescent Mental Health