Want to Learn About Bing and Search Ranking? Here You Go!


Want to Learn About Bing and Search Ranking? Here You Go!

Fabrice Canel, Principal Program Manager at Bing discusses search crawling, machine learning and ranking web pages with Jason Barnard of Kalicube

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8 Things Bing Does Better than Google

Google is by far the most popular search engine in the world, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Microsoft’s Bing search engine does a lot of things really well, and in some cases even better than Google.

Here are 8 things that we at MTE think Bing does better than Google.

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How To Rank On The First Page Of Bing In 24 Hours | Bing SEO

In just a few minutes I’m going to show you how to rank any website on the first page of Microsoft Bing search in 24 hours. With Bing there is less competition so it’s much easier to get not only on the first page but 1st place on search results.

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Follow along with these important apps:
1. Semrush �� https://bit.ly/TrySemrushFree (find low competition keyword/phrase)
2. Surferseo ��https://bit.ly/3pL4Bd2 (fine tune on page content + off page seo)

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I want to publish a blog post that will be on first page of Microsoft Bing Search in less than 24 hours. The keyword I’m targeting is ‘Shipbob 3PL’ for this tutorial.

STEP 2. Semrush find keywords

We need to do some keyword research to find keywords and phrases closely related to our topic that have low competition.

To do this we head over to Semrush, if you don’t know what Semrush is it is basically one of the best SEO tools available, I’m not going to go into all the features of Semrush but instead just show you how to find a good keyword / phrase to select.

If you do not have a Semrush account there is a link above. There is a free version and its got enough functionality to get started (I’m using the free version here so you can see what you can do without paying anything).

Step 3. Surfer Content Editor And Tools

Now that we have our topic and used Semrush to give us low competition keywords that we should be able to rank for we know need to produce highly optimized content.

To do this we need another app called Surferseo.

So once we are signed up and logged into SurferSEO head to content editor, add your keyword, in this case ‘Shipbob 3pl’

In this example I wrote an article about Shipbob 3pl and how awesome it is for a whole bunch of reasons.

As you follow Surfers guidance the content score will increase.

When you are done, add the content to your webpage, and publish.

Then go back to surfer to run the audit and recheck content score.

The audit page will give you lots of feedback that you can use to further optimize you content and improve your ranking.

Review the result of the audit and do the final optimizations required to get that top 2 position.

Once we get to top 2 we have a very high probability of hitting our goal of 1st page google in 24 hours from publishing.

You need to make sure your new webpage is sent to Google for indexing if you also want to appear in google search results fast.

If you don’t do this step that is ok. However it may take a couple of weeks for google to find this content and index it.

Step 4.

24 hours later…..

Final test – when we do a search on Microsoft Bing for our target keyword / phrase ‘Shipbob 3pl’ we see we landed in #2 position on the first page of Bing in just 24 hours!

Also if you have any questions just drop us a comment or head over to our private group #AmbITious and ask me anything.

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