Google COVID-19 Marketing Strategy Playbook


Google COVID-19 Marketing Strategy Playbook

Google published a Marketing Strategy Playbook designed to provide a framework for creating a marketing strategy during the Coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 Impacts on PPC for Marketers and Small Businesses | WordStream

COVID-19 has evolved into a global event impacting public health as well as the economy. These are uncertain times, and we don’t have all the answers, but what we do know now is that small businesses have felt sudden changes in their campaign performance as a result of this worldwide pandemic.

We’ve seen that global events often impact PPC performance, and COVID-19 is no exception. As businesses change their operations, people stay in their homes more, and the world reacts to a pandemic unfolding in real-time—they turn to online search and news for answers to their questions and solutions to their new needs. For some advertisers, these new searchers are driving new audiences to find their way to advertisers’ sites, and some are becoming new customers. For others, the results aren’t as great, and the strategies will need to shift.

In this video, we’ll cover the overall impacts of COVID-19 on Google Ads results, the industries that are experiencing increasing volume during COVID-19, and the industries hit the hardest so far.

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Data sources: This report is based on a sample of 15,759 US-based WordStream client accounts in all verticals who were advertising on Google’s Search throughout 2020 thus far. Each industry includes a minimum of 30 unique active clients. For indexing purposes, we’ve evaluated weekly account performance since February 24th against the prior six-week average.

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Tips from Home: Marketing strategies for optimizing social channels during COVID-19

Amanda Silano, one of our amazing Customer Success Managers, shares a few strategies retailers can use to capitalize on social traffic and optimize user experiences, even as many pause their paid media spend, during COVID-19.

Overview of the video:

– COVID-19 marketing strategies
– eCommerce strategies
– Social media marketing strategies

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Google launches COVID 19 Playbook to help Indian startups fight the pandemic

Google launches COVID-19 Playbook to help Indian startups fight the pandemic. Playbook will offer practical suggestions to address strategic & operational challenges. It is developed in collaboration with Blume Venture, Matrix Partners & Prime Venture Partners. Mental health app Wysa and hyperlocal startup Dunzo also collaborate with the project. In the last 2 months, Google helped more than 250 startups to limit the impact of Covid-19.

Google Marketing Platform – Marketer’s Playbook for today’s privacy environment

Growing user concerns about privacy have set in motion a series of changes that will
reshape the digital advertising industry for years to come. Working as a digital marketer
can seem a lot more complicated these days, especially with the added pressure and
uncertainty that many are feeling due to COVID-19, but some marketers have managed
to turn these changes into opportunities. By testing more privacy-forward strategies and
evolving their practices, they’ve managed to accomplish their marketing goals – in some
cases, even better than before – while respecting people’s preferences for privacy.

If you prefer to read about these strategies instead, you can get your copy of the marketer’s privacy playbook at

0:00 Marketer’s Playbook for today’s privacy environment
0:29 Marketing’s changing landscape
1:54 Build Direct Relationships with your customers
3:30 Be flexible with how you reach audiences and measure
6:03 Manage data and discover insights in a privacy centric way
7:53 Prepare for the future