A New Era Of Google Search: What It Means For SEO


A New Era Of Google Search: What It Means For SEO

The practice of SEO is tied to the evolving technology of Google search. Here are ways SEO should adapt to the evolution of search.

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How I Use Google Search Console Every Month To Fix My SEO

I’ll show you what I check each month in Google Search Console to make sure my website traffic is growing.

Microsoft’s INSANE Plan To Crush Google with ChatGPT: The New Era Of Search

Microsoft unveiled its new Bing search engine on 7th February 2023. It is powered by OpenAI’s GPT technology and runs on its own web browser Edge. It has gained a lot of attention, and 1 million people signed up for it just 48 hours after its launch. Currently, Google controls the market with an 85% search engine market share, but this could change. Google’s popularity has already been decreasing due to a lot of factors we talked about in the video, and it looks like Bing and ChatGPT have left behind Google in this new AI race. When it unveiled its answer to Bing and ChatGPT, Bard, the response wasn’t too great. But Google is a trillion-dollar company with unlimited resources in its pool. So, it will be interesting to see this AI war play out and the winners from this. We might finally see a worthy competitor to Google after almost 2 decades.

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TikTok Search VS. Google Search: a new era of SEO?

Bold prediction: TikTok is and isn’t going to replace Google as the dominant search engine.

Per a Google exec, approximately 40% of “young people,” when looking for a lunch �� spot, for instance, don’t go to Google Maps or Google Search – they search on TikTok or Instagram. But there’s a catch.

TikTok isn’t the same type of search mechanism as Google. Google uses a more scientific process for ranking results by order of relevance. It’s an “exact-match” model whereby I ask and it answers. TikTok isn’t quite so linear—it’s more of a “discovery engine.”

Relevance on TikTok is more about social influence—i.e. what a user thinks about a business’s posts or infers about that business by way of other users’ posts about it—versus empirically ranked results.

Notwithstanding, while TikTok is definitely gaining adoption as a search platform, Google still reigns supreme. Online search still is and has been a two-step process: A. find options, B. pick one.

My thoughts…. As the titans of search and social fight-it-out, keep making content and publishing it everywhere!—videos, blogs, reviews, and more! Be relevant no matter where customers may find and “vibe with” you.

I’d love your thoughts… what do you think?

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